Monday, July 2, 2012

Starting over

Here I am! It looks a little different but it's the same. I'm getting the hang of blogger... I think!

I got home from my appointment in time to make a lunch with leftover Chipotle burrito bowl. I was lazy, what can I say. So I heated it up and threw it on top of some baby spinach. Not too bad for a 2 minute lunch fix.

I added  a juicy nectarine as an after thought. I'm munching on it now as I try out my first post on a new site. Woohoo!

I can see that some of you visited earlier today and I apologize that there was nothing to read. Bummer of a link clink right? At least you got a quick intro to the new blog and what it's probably going to look like for a while. :)

I don't know if it's possible but I'm going to try to bring over all my old posts and put them on here. I don't know if there's a way to change the date stamp so it might look like I posted a bunch of stuff on the same day. 

I really like days like today that I have the time to post several times but that's not going to happen very frequently. (much to my dismay)

I need to be at work by three today to do some prep work for my taste test and then it's off to the grocery store to hand out free food to happy people. Last time I did a taste test at this store nobody was there and it was quite disappointing. Hopefully the fact that it's later in the evening and it's the week of July 4th will make a difference tonight. Fingers crossed. 

Now I'm off to try that "re-post old stuff" thing! In case it doesn't work and there happens to be new readers, you can read my older blog posts here!


  1. Love your blog! Even though it makes me feel fat and like my cooking is terrible, I love it! Haha keep up the blogging missy! Hope your taste test went well this time. :)

    1. You're not allowed to beat yourself up about cooking! It's pretty much ALWAYS an experiment when I'm in the kitchen. That's what makes it fun!


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