Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Days

I'm back. Yesterday was such a busy day and when I finally got home, I crawled into bed and simply zonked out! We attended the funeral of an old friend of ours in the morning. It was a very large but personal and sweet service. She will be missed by many. Leftovers for lunch. Pizza, a lovely crisp ambrosia apple and some spinach with an Asian salad dressing. (I desperately need to get some dressings in the fridge) Vinaigrette please!
Then later in the afternoon we went to my brother's house to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday. There were so many kids there I couldn't count even if I had remembered to. My sister-in-law put in a lot of work and time to pull together a very cute party and everyone had a good time. Notice the theme?

Strawberry shortcake!
Dinner was cooked on the grill and accompanied by fresh summery sides. I had half of a burger with the works as well as some strawberries and cream, and pasta salad.
My niece was spoiled with gifts and attention the whole evening as is usual for a birthday girl and then it was time to head home. This is the point in which I fall into a long deep sleep and disregard many things that should have been accomplished before bedtime on Saturday night. Shameful!
I had a quick breakfast of granola, greek yogurt and peach slices this morning before church. The peach was excellent! The summer time is so wonderful for having fresh fruits around and readily available.
This afternoon my dad, mom, and younger brother went to Chipotle for lunch and saved ourselves the trouble of dishes and involved clean-up.
I had a burrito bowl with chicken, Chipotle's excellent brown rice with black beans and as many veggies as they have available. To top it off... guacamole right on top!
Now, here's something that I was considering last night as I was talking to a few friends/readers and a fellow blogger at the birthday party. I realized that this blogging platform has recently changed it's policy for leaving comments. While anyone can view and read a public blog, you must create an account on Wordpress to leave any comments. Since I would love to hear from my readers I will probably move my blog to a new platform. This makes me a little sad since I've just started learning the ins and outs of the format on this platform. However, if I indeed follow through with this plan I will leave a link in a new post so you know where to go. I've been so surprised by the number of views on my blog in the past week and I think it would be so neat to add discussions with any readers as an element of my posts. So... look for new links so you know where to find me if you so wish.
It's a beautiful day outside and I think it's time for a quick Sunday nap.

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