Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Recovery

Now that applications are done and I'm just waiting around, I hope to have a more regular posting schedule but then, I feel like I've said that before... 
Today I started out by sleeping in. After 4 am and 5 am shifts all weekend and an all nighter in honor of internship applications, it was oh so nice to just sleep.

My nieces came over for the day while my sister-in-law helped some friends out with an all-day project. It was fun to have them here but it always renews my appreciation of parents and the fact that I am NOT one at this point in time. :) It is a full-time job for sure!

I had a steaming cup of apple cider just because. Then, we colored,

and we read stories to the cat.

Then we had lunch. Chicken salad sandwiches with fruit and veggies on the side.

I make mine with greek yogurt to spare myself the trauma of eating mayo, and I usually add whatever we have on hand. This time it was dried cranberries, pecans, celery and green onion. I used hummus and red pepper for a spread and topped it with cucumbers on my mom's freshly baked sourdough bread! 

Then, we took two beautiful little girls to the school playground where we went on the slides, played tag and pretended to do the monkey bars.

At some point I stopped to admire the kindergarten's garden that was filled with strawberries ripening, bell peppers and just about every herb (except my favorite, basil)

At last! A teacher who has figured out how to make more Thyme! Don't we all need more thyme in the day? ;)
There was also Rosemary and lavender but I don't have any puns for those. 

 Both refused to take a nap by pleading the 5th (in the constitution of child's rights at Grandma & grandpa's house) which goes something like this "I'm not sleepy!"

I didn't do anything I had planned to do with my day off like: file my taxes, bake something for work, cook for the week's lunches, or pay bills but... we had a lot of fun and that's worth every item that isn't crossed off my to-do list.

I have a late start for work tomorrow so maybe I'll take the time to cook/bake before I head out.
Goodnight all!


  1. Thank you for all your help with the girls today! They had so much fun! Your such a good Auntie:)


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