Friday, November 9, 2012


* Disclaimer: There are no creative meals listed in this post. * 

This last week I failed at my aforementioned meal schedule. I just wasn't feeling it and I haven't had much luck with my packed/planned lunches this time around. I'm still willing to try it semi-permanently though.

On Saturday (yes almost a week ago) I woke up and for some reason only one thing sounded appetizing to me. A peanut butter smoothie. Don't ask why because I've never had or made one. But... apparently I needed the protein. So into the Vitamix I threw some peanut butter, a hunk of greek yogurt, a banana, a smidge of milk  and a drizzle of honey. (Yes, all of those are scientific measurements.)

At first I was not impressed. It tasted milky and unpleasant. Then I threw it in the freezer for 20 minutes, took it out, stirred it up and threw in some granola and a spoonful of sunbutter. This time, I decided that this is a recipe I will be using frequently. :) I am a big peanut butter fan and the fact that it was super easy makes it even better.

By sheer luck, I stumbled across a cafe right around the corner from work that had a really promising menu. I planned to try it out on Tuesday but my plans were foiled when everyone in the office started raving about the cafeteria's "haystack". It's pretty much just taco salad under a cooler name. It smelled so good I had to get some. 

It was make it yourself so I started with chips, added pintos, shredded lettuce, cheese, salsa, guacamole, a few sliced jalepenos, sour cream and finally the Piece de resistance, Cilantro. It was super good. Worth the change of plans.

I broke out my go to premade parfait again this week. You just can't beat them for early mornings on the go. I found this cute little jam jar in the bottom drawer in the kitchen and decided to make it my new parfait cup. Warm tea to go with it considering our rainy weather this week (yay!)

I packed a super simple lunch on Wed. PB& Honey sandwich, cuties, sliced bell pepper and cucumber with hummus for dip. Simple, filling and good.

Now, remember that cafe I mentioned that is right around the corner. I decided to try again on Thursday. They have an order online system which is great if your lunch break is limited. At the last minute Ashley and I decided she could sneak away from the med center and meet me for lunch. So we both ordered online with great anticipation for a yummy, warm lunch. I picked her up and we went straight to the cafe... which was closed. WHAT?! The sign on the door says open until 4 p.m. We still don't know what happened but we were thankful we didn't pay online. Instead we ended up at Quiznos. I still plan on trying the cafe but next time, I'll call before I order. :)
Now, there's something I've been keeping from the blogging universe. This is how I spent my day...

Yes, I'm packing because...

Tomorrow I'll be hopping on a flight to a little place some of you may have heard of. It's called Hawaii. =)

I'm suuuper excited and a little anxious because I've never gone on vacation by myself before. Well I won't be completely alone but  I won't be with family. I'm going with a friend but she arrives a couple days after me so I'll be on my own for a few days. :)

I downloaded an app on my tablet that was supposedly really good for mobile blogging but there's an error message that has kept me from publishing a single post on it. If any of you know of a good blogging app that works and doesn't cost a fortune, let me know! Anyway, I'll probably be absent the entire duration of my trip despite the beautiful pictures I'll be taking of gorgeous places. I'll have to share them when I get back. Now, I have to finish last item packing and get some sleep. Until later...



  1. Hey Cassie, it's Kelly (the girl from Lush)!!

    Told ya I'd be sure to swing by... and of course add your blog to my list to visit regularly lol. I didn't know you weren't from Hawaii! I was looking forward to seeing you around the shop more often. Guess that just means you'll need to plan more trips to Hawaii ;) It was really nice meeting you today, I hope you enjoy that No Drought as much as I do!

    Aloha 'oe :)

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It was great meeting you too. Thanks for hooking me up with the free samples! I'm super excited to try them out! you caught me on my last day in Hawaii! Sorry I won't be in your store more often. I hope I'll see you stopping by here often though! =D Happy blog reading.


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