Monday, July 9, 2012


Hello All!

I hope you are making it through your Monday ok and you had an enjoyable weekend. I mentioned some news that I wanted to share and Monday is here so here's my news. 

You may remember reading that I had an appointment last week. My "appointment" was an interview for a position in Nutrition Services Department at Loma Linda University Medical Center. It apparently went very well because I received a very exciting phone call on Friday.

I got the job!

All of the sudden, a million things went through my mind. Within the hour I was leaving the house, on my way to the library to give them 2 weeks notice. I can't believe that this chapter of my life is finally coming to a close. I'll sheepishly admit that as of this month, I've been at the library job for 7 years. Although I've complained about my library job for many (many, many) years, it is a little scary to think that I won't be there any more. There's security in places that are familiar and comfortable. As much as I may have complained, it will be weird to venture out of the "comfort" of my library position. It was a wonderful job to get me through High School and college... and after college :) but I have felt that it was time to move on for a while now.  I'm torn about leaving my teaching job because I was just getting to know and love my students. I was building a good working relationship with the teachers and office staff but this is a very big and very important step for my career.  Change is always a little scary. 

I had to document the moment at which I realized my library job was OVER! I think incredulity was the reigning emotion that day. It's dark but I promise you I could not stop smiling.

This will be my last week as an employee of the public library and August will be my last month at my teaching job.
Today I was able to get a tentative start date of August 6th for my hospital job.
I'm still riding the excitement wave with a very small undercurrent of anxiety and uncertainty. I think I'm half expecting Loma Linda to call and say they changed their mind. YIKES! 

This new job brings new incentive to register and take my Dietetic Technician Registered Exam (DTR). As soon as I pass that test they can give me a hefty raise. 

I registered for the exam!

Now begins study countdown. T-minus 58 days.

Woohoo! It's so exhilarating to see progression towards becoming an RD finally. 

I think this is why I started this blog in the first place. It's been an awesome medium to journal my career path just in the short time I've been writing. I hope that in a couple of years I will have a similar post announcing that I can write "R.D." after my name :)

I hope that writing about it will help keep me focused and on track. I'm sure you guys will all be a big help too! 


  1. Congratulations!

  2. I'm so happy for you! What a great opportunity!

    1. Yay!!! I'm sooo darn excited for you! Congrats, can't wait to hear all about it! :)

    2. Thanks! I'm really excited for me too! :)

  3. Cassie! That is so awesome! It can be so bitter-sweet moving from the old and comfy to the new and kinda scary things in life. :) Happy happy day to you!

    1. Thanks Calysta! I'm going to create a page about the job and what it involves but... the main part of my job involves all the food parts of a patient's stay at the hospital. :)


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