Thursday, July 5, 2012

For Oat's Sake

A breakfast adventure. Last night I put together this recipe, stuck it in the fridge and it was ready to go this morning. I was skeptical about the oats just because I'm not a big fan of oats in a smoothie but, what's an adventure without a risk right?

As I sat down to eat I could see why KERF called it "Doughboy". Something about the mix of ingredients makes the smoothie underneath nearly dough-like. Although you could taste the oats, the vitamix does an amazing job of removing what may have otherwise been clumpy.

I used some of my granola from yesterday to top it off and fresh mango of course!

We are nearly one full week into July and we're still experiencing June gloom here. I know it's nice because it keeps the heat off for later in the day but... I enjoy waking up to cheerful sunlight. It seems to make my mornings smoother. I had a pretty rough case of the grumpies this morning. Anyone who knows me, knows that mornings are NOT my thing. I think the gloom makes mornings even harder for me (if that's even possible). After this my doughboy smoothie and a little bit of wake up time, I felt more like a person instead of a grumpy zombie.

Am I just making excuses or do other people get the June Gloom Grumpies?
Maybe I'm looking for sympathy, but do you get them too?

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  1. Nobody answered my question which makes me think... nope! I'm just an all around grumpy person in the mornings.


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