Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today was spent mostly returning emails, organizing calendars and going through papers. Sooo exciting! Then it was nearly dinner time. Simple, grilled and yummy!

I finally got around to grilling those leeks! They are so good. We tried a new seasoning from Trader Joe's called "21 season salute" on the grilled veggies and it was excellent!

 Orange Chicken and angel hair pasta with spinach to go with the grilled veggies.

Kristina, Dustin and my brother Joe and I all went to get frozen yogurt which was amazing. I filled this cup up with every intention of saving half for another night. I even capped it off to save it but as we talked it started to melt so I just had to finish it. oops! :) Oh well, the awesome company, good laughs and great conversation made it totally worth the splurge.

Off to bed on time again. Tomorrow morning is work at the school. =/ I'm sure I can grin and bear it. Goodnight all!

Homemade is best!

The plan this morning was to head over to the gym for 10:30 yoga. Kinda late and in the middle of the day but.. I couldn't go to the night one. Instead I woke up and could barely stand up. My legs are soooo sore from my run. I figured if I had trouble getting dressed, my poor muscles weren't going to like static strengthening/balancing poses. Instead I stretched and then went grocery shopping.

Trader Joes and Sprouts trips this morning for lots of goodies. (a lot of cheese for some reason)

While at Trader Joe's I spotted their excellent pizza dough and I had to pick it up for lunch!

 By the time I got home from shopping I had about an hour before my brother was there for lunch. What should I use for toppings?? hmm.... oh yeah how about tomatoes and basil??! =D

Disregard the bug holes in the leaves, I promise I didn't use those. The holes just mean it's home grown and tastes good right?

After struggling to get it into a circle for a while, I gave up and settled for a rectangle. The pizza stone started in the oven, got nice and hot and then I tossed the dough on. Then I added the toppings. The hot stone precooks the bottom of the dough so that it doesn't overcook the toppings. Perfect crust! 



I was going to toss a salad to go with it but since I had 2 salads yesterday, I stuck with fruit.

The pizza came out great! I think next time I'll add a little bit of spice and maybe a hint of provolone to kick it up a little bit. Totally worth making again. Super easy and pretty quick too! no leftovers :(

I get to have frozen yogurt tonight with my friend Kristina. We both flaked (not really, just more important things came up) last week so we're planning again for tonight. Yay!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Game, Set, Match!

I know this is a really late post so I just might not have one in the morning. Salad for dinner. I know, I know. Two salads in one day!? At least they're different kinds :)

This barbecued chicken was sooo good! Kudos to my mom! I had a homemade asian sesame dressing on top and watermelon on the side.

Gotta get my grains even though they aren't whole. That sourdough roll was pretty scrumptious though!

I just got back from tennis. Woo! It was a good night on the courts. A few friends came along tonight. 

Tianne, my "lil" brother Joe and Chris. My mom came too but refused to be anything but photographer. Blake refused too which included me getting bashed with a tennis bag before he consented. :)

I am literally SOO white that I overexposed this picture. I tried to fix it but as you can see, I'm not skilled with photo editing.

I'm off to the shower and then bed! Not quite on time but better than most nights.

Boards, greens and sweet sweet lemonade

 No luck with the shoe shopping =/. I did find out that apparently if I'm going to get a cross trainer that fits, it's going to have to be a junior size. I know they're the same and all that but it just feels...disappointing. Why can't they make athletic shoes for women with a size 5 foot? Can't be that hard.
I ended up at Marshall's instead and got a gift for a special someone and  this awesome bread board.

I've had my eye on this set for a while. I still might buy them because I got this one home and it was kindly pointed out by my brother Garrett that it is really warped. Boo! It wobbles when you lay it down. I tried to take a picture but it's hard to show unless you have it in hand. I could keep it as a decoration but.. we'll see.

I came home and made my favorite salad for lunch. I used the last of my unexpected cheddar so I'll need to get some soon.

I made a basil lemonade this weekend and I'm in love with it. It's so yummy! I added it to my recipe page.

I think this afternoon might be a good time to tackle my closet purge project.

Have a good one all!

On Time

Apparently when you go to bed on time the following things happen:

  1. You wake up in time
  2. You get enough sleep (not too much so you're groggy) and it's easier to get up
  3. You go for a run
  4. You eat a healthy breakfast after your run
  5. You have more energy and do more things. 

It's really sad that I don't go to bed on time all the time because I know it's healthier for me. One of those dumb things I do.

Anyway... smoothie in a bowl for breakfast. 

Greek yogurt, banana, grapes, chia seeds and half a nectarine.

Plus a mishap with the blender. Suffice it to say... soapy water ALL OVER the counter, the floor and me. Ugh!

Granola on top with strawberries and sunbutter. Yum! 

Now I'm off to the sporting goods store for another attempt at shopping for cross trainers.
* fingers crossed *

Monday, July 23, 2012

Meatless Monday

 Well, Monday has come and gone once again. I headed in to work this morning for the first time in over a week. (sooo hard!). It is a good feeling though to feel like you accomplished something.  Since I started my teaching job, my extra assignment was to organize our storage room. Although the main focus was supposed to be on lesson materials, it was difficult to even begin thinking about them because of the mess and disorganization surrounding them. 

Earlier this summer, the full-time staff put in a lot of elbow grease, purchased new shelving and it looks way better! Now, I can actually move forward with my part. Today was mostly comprised of taking pictures of lesson supplies to have documentation of each box/file/folder etc. 

Like this...

and this... 

Exciting huh? ;-) 

It definitely gets my organizing rhythm going though!

I stuck around until late afternoon despite my grumbling stomach. I got home and made a quick late lunch with some Sunday leftovers.

A nice warm tortilla filled with provolone cheese, stir-fried veggies, black beans and cilantro. Avocado, strawberries and more stir-fired veggies on the side. 

 The strawberries were excellent! Just sweet enough. I couldn't finish my tortilla/taco (whatever you want to call that) because the cheese was turning my stomach for some reason. Maybe it's time to throw it out. Everything else was good though! 

Since I ate lunch so late, I just wasn't sporting an appetite for dinner. I did have a toasted sourdough roll for a snack though.

I'm going to try to get to bed on time tonight (which would be within the hour) but... my closet is crying out to be purged and I'm getting anxious looking at it. Hmmm, to clean or to sleep.