Friday, September 7, 2012

Orange Gouda-ness


I worked in the same position today as I did yesterday but there was a tiny glitch. The person I was supposed to train with switched positions and my new "partner" didn't come in until 11:30! 

That left me 4 hours alone in a relatively new position. Guess what...
I totally did it on my own for 4 hours. Screenings, referrals, follow-ups, charting. WOO!

There's such highs and lows when you work in pediatrics, but I have really enjoyed my learning experience there this last week.

I made a quick PB&J this morning and threw half a free stone peach in a bag on the way out the door. A simple lunch but I had something else in mind.

The cafeteria has Gouda cheese soup on Fridays and I grabbed some to add to my "simple lunch" It is sooo good. It tastes like melted cheeses. Between my apricot jam sandwich, peach and orange gouda soup, I had a very orange lunch.

I came home from work (in traffic, why?!) and worked some more on my desk painting project. Yes.. I know pictures are still pending. :)

Beef tacos on corn tortillas for dinner topped with avocado, tomato and romaine. Finished off with foggy pictures. =/

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day but I'll just wait to write about it. :)

Have a great night!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Veggie overload

For some reason I'm always amazed at how much more energy I have throughout the day when I eat breakfast. I mean... duh! 

Since I'm never in the mood to think about or make breakfast in the morning, I've been doing most of the prep work the night before. (I'm pretty much useless in the morning in case you didn't already know)

All I had to do was throw some yogurt in a bowl I left by the fridge, granola on top and some sliced peaches. Done!

I ate half of it before I left and the other half on the way to pick up Ashley. I love the days that our schedules coincide and we can ride together.

It doesn't take long to get tired of hospital cafeteria food and the prices associated with it. Why pay that much money for food you don't really enjoy? So I've been really good about making my lunch. (yay for me!)

My salad had green & red leaf, kale, cucumber, and bell pepper. I made croutons out of Panera Asiago loaf and and chopped some leftover baked chicken tenders. Look! hummus! :) Turns out that this is ALOT of food. I could barely finish the salad and left the rest for snacks later in the day. 

This week has been a really good one at work. I know I said I was really anxious about starting in Pediatrics and OB but I'm really enjoying it. Unfortunately I won't be there very often, but I like the variety of the day's responsibilities and the experiences that you are exposed to. Screening, referrals, follow-ups and of course... the kids. All the tubes and medications and tests and they are still so sweet. I adore them! 

Only one more day in PEDS =( but that's ok, tomorrow is Friday! I'm really looking forward to my weekend plans. They should be fun!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Non-Labor Labor day

When you work the weekend, you get a holiday off. The downside to this is that so does everyone else and their 16 siblings. I went to 2 stores today and couldn't wait to get out! There were soooo many people out and about. However, it was impertinent that I stocked up on hummus. It's been way too long since it's been in the fridge. 

I was feeling in the mood for a good panini and it's about time I use my awesome hand-me-down panini press!

 The essentials: tomato, fresh mozarella cheese, basil and a red pepper. All fresh out of the garden except the cheese of course. I went to Panera and picked up a loaf of their artisan bread this morning because... well, I wanted too and they have good bread. :) 

I picked out Asiago Sourdough because they were all out of Focaccia. Paninis look like normal sandwiches before you squish and grill them into perfection. :) The panini press worked great and the removable plates are great for cleaning! Thanks Kim!

At the last minute I threw a very ripe peach on the grill for a few minutes.

It was warm today but not warm enough to keep me from enjoying lunch outside. Veggies and Hummus!!! The peach was very tasty but it's the first time I've grilled one and now I know next time I need to grill it longer.

I FINALLY took the top of my desk outside to paint it. I'll have to post pictures of before/after tomorrow because it's still outside drying. It's nothing spectacular so I might not follow through with those pictures :)

I went out for froyo with Tianne after dinner and we spent some time getting caught up. She starts her rotations tomorrow which is sooo exciting. I'm glad she'll be around a little bit longer. Good luck tomorrow Tianne! I chose the blurrier one just because it proved that we had yogurt. :)

Back to work tomorrow. I'm starting in Peds/OB which is anxiety inducing and exciting. We'll see how it goes. I'm off to pack my lunch for tomorrow. I'm guessing hummus will be involved.