Saturday, June 22, 2013

Long Overdue Announcement

So.... I have news to share. Since most of my readers are close friends and or family, you probably already know but I'm sharing anyway.

If you read this post, you'll know that I submitted my applications for dietetic internships back in February. From that time until late March l I sat around waiting for a call from any of the EIGHT (yes eight) programs that I had applied to. While Ashley was fielding calls for interviews from all of the ones she applied to, I was becoming more grateful by the day that I hadn't gotten my hopes up too high. I had given up hope when the last day of the interviewing time frame came along. I went to visit Ashley at her desk during my break at work and casually opened my email on my phone. Up popped a tiny email letting me know I had been selected to interview for Sacramento State University's internship!!!!!!!! yay! but wait! that's just an interview...

Three days later, I was interviewing over the phone with the director. It went well but in my opinion, not as well as I would have hoped. Now all that was left was reordering/ranking the programs I had applied to (<-- more difficult than it seems), and more waiting. 

April 7th was the big day. I had taken a few days off to join my family in Tahoe for that weekend and I'm so, so glad that I did. I figured that if I got bad news on the 7th I could drown myself take solace in the beautiful lake, and if I got good news, I would be with family and on vacation. What better way to celebrate or drown your sorrows?

FINALLY April 7th came and I was watching the clock all day... come on 4pm!!!!

Right about 3:55, my family not so discretely left the cabin one by one and I was left alone to keep hitting the refresh button on the website. BAM! 4:00, hit refresh and...

"Congratulations! You have been matched to Sacramento State University's Dietetic Internship"

WHAT?! yes, brain you saw that correctly, you don't need to refresh the page again.
I sat on the bed and laugh-cried for a few minutes. I was grateful for the empty cabin where I could experience the news on my own for a few brief moments. 

Ashley and I had worked out a system for this day. It went something like this:

Text a period (.) if it's not good news
Text an exclamation (!) if it is good news.

This way if one of us had good news and the other didn't, we knew to give each other some space. If we both had good news, we could call and scream. If we both had bad news we could call and cry (or scream). I waited a while before I couldn't stand it anymore and I sent my "!" She broke code and replied with actual words! How dare she!? :) Unlike me, the poor girl had to be at work the whole day and was still trying to get onto the website to find out what kind of news she had. An HOUR later she found out REALLY good news too! Next... Stephanie. Good news too! Yay us!

Soon the family trickled in and gave me cautious looks... (happy tears? or no?) Mom cried with me, Laura grinned and hugged me, and Dad stood there in shock. :) It took a few days for it to settle in. Especially when I realized that I had been selected for one of 8 spots in a program that received between 75-110 applicants, maybe more. Talk about humbling odds eh?

Anyway, long story long, I will soon be moving to Sacramento to begin my internship. Crazy! That's really what I started this blog for in the first place. Now... it's really happening!

I have a few weeks left before that happens but so much to do before! One last thing before you go (if you haven't already), Since Ashley, Stephanie and I all got into our internships this year , Stephanie came up with the brilliant idea of co-blogging our internships as a way to keep in touch and share our experience with each other. It should be great fun to have the three of us writing about our difference adventures. It's not completely set up yet but you can find us HERE!

I'm so happy to be moving to the next chapter. Thank you to each one of you who have encouraged me to keep going and commiserated with me when it's been rough. I'm not there yet but it's great to know that the goal is getting closer!