Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Game, Set, Match!

I know this is a really late post so I just might not have one in the morning. Salad for dinner. I know, I know. Two salads in one day!? At least they're different kinds :)

This barbecued chicken was sooo good! Kudos to my mom! I had a homemade asian sesame dressing on top and watermelon on the side.

Gotta get my grains even though they aren't whole. That sourdough roll was pretty scrumptious though!

I just got back from tennis. Woo! It was a good night on the courts. A few friends came along tonight. 

Tianne, my "lil" brother Joe and Chris. My mom came too but refused to be anything but photographer. Blake refused too which included me getting bashed with a tennis bag before he consented. :)

I am literally SOO white that I overexposed this picture. I tried to fix it but as you can see, I'm not skilled with photo editing.

I'm off to the shower and then bed! Not quite on time but better than most nights.


  1. Well all this getting to bed on time nonsense is making me sleepy. Could it be that it's because it's 2:36 am? :) love your blog.

  2. Thanks!! Usually I have to force myself to bed by that time every night. That's going to have to change very very soon! :)


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