Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On Time

Apparently when you go to bed on time the following things happen:

  1. You wake up in time
  2. You get enough sleep (not too much so you're groggy) and it's easier to get up
  3. You go for a run
  4. You eat a healthy breakfast after your run
  5. You have more energy and do more things. 

It's really sad that I don't go to bed on time all the time because I know it's healthier for me. One of those dumb things I do.

Anyway... smoothie in a bowl for breakfast. 

Greek yogurt, banana, grapes, chia seeds and half a nectarine.

Plus a mishap with the blender. Suffice it to say... soapy water ALL OVER the counter, the floor and me. Ugh!

Granola on top with strawberries and sunbutter. Yum! 

Now I'm off to the sporting goods store for another attempt at shopping for cross trainers.
* fingers crossed *

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