Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Today was spent mostly returning emails, organizing calendars and going through papers. Sooo exciting! Then it was nearly dinner time. Simple, grilled and yummy!

I finally got around to grilling those leeks! They are so good. We tried a new seasoning from Trader Joe's called "21 season salute" on the grilled veggies and it was excellent!

 Orange Chicken and angel hair pasta with spinach to go with the grilled veggies.

Kristina, Dustin and my brother Joe and I all went to get frozen yogurt which was amazing. I filled this cup up with every intention of saving half for another night. I even capped it off to save it but as we talked it started to melt so I just had to finish it. oops! :) Oh well, the awesome company, good laughs and great conversation made it totally worth the splurge.

Off to bed on time again. Tomorrow morning is work at the school. =/ I'm sure I can grin and bear it. Goodnight all!

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