Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homemade is best!

The plan this morning was to head over to the gym for 10:30 yoga. Kinda late and in the middle of the day but.. I couldn't go to the night one. Instead I woke up and could barely stand up. My legs are soooo sore from my run. I figured if I had trouble getting dressed, my poor muscles weren't going to like static strengthening/balancing poses. Instead I stretched and then went grocery shopping.

Trader Joes and Sprouts trips this morning for lots of goodies. (a lot of cheese for some reason)

While at Trader Joe's I spotted their excellent pizza dough and I had to pick it up for lunch!

 By the time I got home from shopping I had about an hour before my brother was there for lunch. What should I use for toppings?? hmm.... oh yeah how about tomatoes and basil??! =D

Disregard the bug holes in the leaves, I promise I didn't use those. The holes just mean it's home grown and tastes good right?

After struggling to get it into a circle for a while, I gave up and settled for a rectangle. The pizza stone started in the oven, got nice and hot and then I tossed the dough on. Then I added the toppings. The hot stone precooks the bottom of the dough so that it doesn't overcook the toppings. Perfect crust! 



I was going to toss a salad to go with it but since I had 2 salads yesterday, I stuck with fruit.

The pizza came out great! I think next time I'll add a little bit of spice and maybe a hint of provolone to kick it up a little bit. Totally worth making again. Super easy and pretty quick too! no leftovers :(

I get to have frozen yogurt tonight with my friend Kristina. We both flaked (not really, just more important things came up) last week so we're planning again for tonight. Yay!


  1. Yay for our yogurt date! I always just love talking and laughing with you!! Yogurt was yummy of course so we must do it again! :) ps since I am a blog follower I would never make fun of you taking a picture of your food :) haha

    1. HAHA thanks! I always feel like I have to forewarn people. :) I had a great time too! Poor Dustin just wanted to go eat dinner. :)


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