Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy Night

I just love spending time with my family and old (meaning good) friends. The kids came over and had pizza and spent some time playing in the lukewarm spa. They had a blast splashing each other and me. 

Look at that buck-toothed grin! If we had let him he would have walked right out into the middle and tried to swim across. No Fear! We couldn't convince them to get out of the water until we enticed them with ice cream.

Then it was out to the garden to harvest a carrot or two.

And some grape tomatoes.

Then it was off to dinner with my good friend Roger. He chose a french cafe called Le Pain de Quotidien. His french skills were put to the test trying to pronounce it. :) He succeeded.

We both ordered Tartines and guess what was on mine... yup! Basil. Roasted turkey, smoked mozzarella and an amazing basil pesto. Oh and those radishes. 

There was no way I could finish this especially after today's relatively large lunch. This is when it's good to have a guy at the table, give him the extra food. :) I tried some of Roger's mint lemonade too. A little tart but refreshing for such humid, hot weather.

What a day! Good food, great friends, happy kiddos and no work!

Tomorrow I'm celebrating the end of my library era by spending a day at the spa with my sister and my mom. Fancy huh?

Have a great night!

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