Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oatmeal Error

Well, it's here! My last day at the library. First, I work at the school for a summer program and then it's off to a short, last shift at the library. WOO!

I tried another doughboy smoothie similar to the mango one. I really like the last one. Mainly because I could make it the night before and then I didn't have to think about breakfast the next morning. This morning though, my strawberry cheesecake doughboy smoothie was a major fail.

I tried it before adding my toppings and I'm so glad I did. It was so bland and chalky that I didn't want to waste any more strawberries or granola for toppings. I must have done something wrong. Maybe... a different yogurt next time. Oh and I didn't bother trying to take a decent picture either. That's how little I cared. :) 

Now I have no breakfast plans. Shoot!

On another note, last night before getting my smoothe ready I walked into the kitchen and something on the kick plate of the cupboards caught my eye. Oh! Hello massive shiny black widow! 

She was very healthy looking but only for a short time. She has officially left this life. Aren't they beautiful in an extremely creepy way?

Glad I saw her before I reached down there for anything.

Off to work!

Have a great day

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