Monday, July 16, 2012


Good morning!

I had an EXCELLENT weekend. I hope yours was just as great. After my busy but wonderful Friday, I spent the major part of Saturday at the day spa. It was beyond amazing. I don't have any pictures for you mostly because you just don't think about things like cameras and phones while you're there but also because they are NOT ALLOWED! :-) Lunch was delivered to us in the main lounge.

I was not impressed. They could have at least put it on real plates or something. The sandwich was good and the salad was wilted. So sad looking.

I did bring home the other half of the sandwich and had it for dinner.

Turkey with swiss on what looked and tasted like some kind of cheese bread. Red onion and avocado. Funny note: all three of us ordered at different times but ended up with the exact same meal with the exception of our salad dressing. We must be related :)

I got to bring home the awesome aromatherapy lotion they used for my massage. It goes a long way so the bottle is nearly full. Woohoo!

Suffice it to say, the three of us (Mom, sister and I) were treated like royalty. I can hardly wait until it's justifiable to go back. Birthday maybe??? or celebrating my acceptance into an awesome dietetic internship next year??

Sunday was very laid back. Our wonderful friend and neighbor (and my second mom) Lindy came over for a quick Subway lunch followed by several hours of chatting and laughing. 

Now, it's Monday again and I'm looking at the beginning of several weeks of no work! Woo!

I woke up pretty late this morning for unknown reasons. Considering that I went to bed around 10 last night and had few reasons to be that tired.... it's a mystery. 

I threw together a smoothie in a bowl that turned out pretty good. My breakfast was nearly brunch but not quite so...brunchfast. Does my headline make sense now?

I really need to get my recipe page up and running. 

Strawberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 a nectarine, chia seeds, milk and my poor greek yogurt that got frozen in the back of the fridge.

 I think the frozen yogurt made the smoothie even better though. Thicker consistency which always works for a bowl. The other half of the banana was used for topping as well as granola.

My brother's construction company is working on Lindy's house and because we know more than half of the guys on the crew, they're coming for lunch! Should be fun!

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