Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disappearing Act

You will have to excuse my absence from the blog world this past week. I made a surprise trip to see my sister and her family for her birthday. It was well planned because she was very surprised to see us. Kudos to Jordan for keeping the plans on the down low and pulling off a successful surprise visit!

A well-known local burger joint gives free burgers on your birthday so of course.. we headed off for dinner. Their burgers are scrumptious and waaay too much for one person my size. I split one with my mom and splurged on a fountain drink. Soda in a can is nothing like soda out of a fountain. :)

Of course... if you're getting a free burger, you also wear the hat. :) The restaurant kindly takes your picture and posts it on the wall. Excellent!

The Hana burger in all it's juicy glory.  Do not plan to keep clean hands when attempting to eat this burger. Just dig in and wash up later. 

After stuffing our faces as politely as we could, back to the house we went for some presents and homemade cake. Of course baby girl got to help with the candles. She has to practice for her own birthday.

She then demonstrated to us what gift bags are really for: filling with every item you can find including shoes, brooms, tissue paper, birthday cards, instruction manuals, pads of paper etc.

(demonstrated below)

So hard to leave but also necessary. What a great way to spend my precious time off. I'm looking forward to my next trip to see them.

Until then, it's back to my normal posts about food. :)


  1. Wow, you had Garrett and I drooling! It has been so long since I had one of those!! =) Fun pics, thanks!

    1. They're definitely something you can't miss when you're in the area. :) We had such a great time.


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