Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bowl full o' burrito

This morning I took a bike ride over to see the new Veterans Memorial in our little town. I've been wanting to visit since the unveiling ceremony months ago. My grandpa's name is listed as well as our good friend Steve. Both of which are gone now. It's very special to see their names in print, honored among heroes.

The pavers surrounding the memorial are also inscribed with personal messages from businesses, schools, family members and friends. Eventually there will be a fountain in front but fundraising is still in progress.

The bike ride there is mostly downhill. A very easy ride. But that means the way back is uphill. Nothing too steep just a very consistent steady grade. Good warm-up for the morning!

Leftover burrito makings for lunch. On top of greens with avocado, bell pepper, tomato and salsa. 

Un almuerzo muy bien!

Now, I need to go hunting for new tennis shoes. I've had my eye on a pair that I want to try. Maybe I'll be breaking in some new shoes for tennis tonight!

Still not sure about those darn leeks. 

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