Monday, June 25, 2012

Organizing Day

Another day off! I just can't believe this. I'm trying to not waste time because these rare jewels won't last long. Pretty soon I'll be back to very long days of work.
Today I'm planning on doing some serious organizing and getting rid of. I also have some clothes I need to alter to accommodate my vertically challenged condition. This sounds ambitious of me considering it is nearly 1:00 and I'm moving slowly due to seared and pan-fried shoulder blades. We'll see how it goes. Before getting knee deep in organizing tactics I had a summery lunch that I thought was "light" until I saw it through my camera lens. :)
Shredded chicken salad with scallions, pepper and mustard on poppy seed crackers, watermelon, 1/4 of a beautiful California avocado and some leftover macaroni salad.
Isn't it beautiful!? Perfect green, no spots, dark brown seed. It was creamy too!
Now I'm off to throw away, give-away and organize! Wish me luck!

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