Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Troublesome Tuesdays

Tuesdays are ALWAYS a mess at work but today was especially awful. Two coworkers called in which left us very short handed on our busiest day of the week. Of course I stupidly chose today to wear teetering wedges. How much of my shift did I spend on my feet? oh... about 99%. Poor feet.
Anyway, on to more exciting things, like food.
I made a much delayed trip to Trader Joe's this morning to pick up some "essentials": Hummus, greek yogurt, baby spinach, kiwi, a few apples that looked too good to pass up and... it's too late, I can't remember what else.
Then I rushed home to eat breakfast and pack lunch for work.
Breakfast was quick and I didn't even finish it. =( Oh well, at least there was some breakfast consumed. Yay!
Sorry the picture is kind of grainy, bad lighting in the kitchen in the morning hours apparently. Quick oats, raisins, banana slices and sunflower butter on top. After my first bite I poured in a little grape juice. It was an experiment but the banana was a little green so I needed a little sweet in my oats. Grape juice was  a quick fix. While I ate I threw together a salad that I was tempted to eat right then and there.
Baby spinach, grape tomatoes (generously given by a friend from her own garden), mozarella, quinoa, slivered almonds, and a few basil leaves for good measure. Since there aren't any good vinaigrette dressings in the house at the moment and threw some olive oil, lime juice and salt and pepper together for  a quick dressing. Can't have fat soluble vitamins without a fat on top! :)I guess the cheese could count but... who eats salad with zero dressing. (no offense to those who do)
Then, off to work for that busy busy, crazy day that I mentioned. Honestly, days like this are the ones that I get really serious about making this my last month/week/day/hour etc at the library. Oh! In case I haven't mentioned it before, my other job is at the library. The job I like is the teaching nutrition one. :)
It was 2:00 before I got a chance to inhale that fresh summery salad but I still savored every mouthful. I'm not going to lie though, someone came into the library with french fries in hand (permissible in county libraries apparently) and I wanted to grab them and run. French fries are my weakness and they are hard to resist on high frustration/exhaustion days. I did not become the spud stealer though. no worries.
A long awaited dinner break at five. Chicken kabobs with more quinoa and fresh mangos.
Some of the bell peppers got a little over cooked but that's ok. They added a smoky aroma. As Julia Child said "never apologize". I think she was just talking about cooking though :)
These mangos are some of the best I've ever had. A family friend brought over a massive box of them. With a little research I think I've decided that they are Sindheri mangoes. They have a smaller pit and more fruit on them compared to the traditional mangoes you find in stores. And they're so sweet and juicy. I have to take it easy on them though. I don't want to get mango-ed out.
After work my brother Blake and I hit the tennis courts and were pleased with our performance. We're getting better. More and more of our exercise is coming from our volleys than running around picking up balls now. :) We're having fun learning.
Tomorrow is another day, and another however-many-dollars-I-make-in-8-hours. The last couple of days I've been waking up at 6:30, wandering around the house in a zombie like state and then going back to bed. stupid! Just get up! I'm going to try really hard to wake up, get up, and stay up tomorrow morning. I think my body is trying to tell my lazy brain to get up and do something productive. It might make my day at work seem more bearable. It's my goal for tomorrow... to be reported on!
Until then, good night! and sweet as mango dreams!
p.s. I did quite a lot with my organizing project yesterday. I will post pictures after a few final details are completed. Let's just say, I'm in love with chalkboard markers. ;)

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