Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chocolate Cake and Sprinkles

What a day! I headed over to my sister-in-law's house around 8:30 with plenty of chocolate and Popsicle sticks in my passenger seat for company. All of the cake balls were already made thanks to Olivia and my good friend Kristina. We realized that the cake balls were a little too big when they wouldn't stay on the Popsicle sticks. Instead of cake pops they became cake balls which are sooo much easier and they came out great!
Some are chocolate cake and some are white. How do you know? Bite it!
I think the chocolate ones are absolutely adorable. I would definitely do these cake balls again.
The strawberries were a different story. We managed but we only got 10 before we ran out of chocolate and the will to continue. :)

Of course both of my little nieces wanted to help in the best way possible; eat sprinkles and lick chocolate spoons. (Pictures to come)
After the cake balls and cake pops were safely stowed away for Saturday's party, I headed home to make a quick lunch before work.
Lunch was a turkey sandwich on sourdough again. In case you haven't noticed, a turkey sandwich is kind of my go-to meal most of the time.
Today I had hummus to add. Woohoo! A kiwi on the side and I was good to go. The kiwi was PERFECT! Just the right amount of sweet and soft.
I had a late dinner after work. Homemade Mac 'n' cheese with a little spinach salad on the side.
Cranberry juice, water, and ginger ale on ice for a refreshing drink.
I have to apologize for the serious repeats in meals; turkey sandwiches, quinoa, macaroni etc etc. I am looking forward to having a little more time to cook and prepare meals. Maybe then I'll have a more varied diet. Who knows when that will be. Maybe never. Oh well, at least it's yummy food. :)
Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and we are celebrating by going kayaking. It's going to be a pretty early start in order to make it to the rental shop in time. I plan on slathering myself in sunscreen first thing tomorrow morning and throughout the day. No more sunburns for me!

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