Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quick Catch-Up

Well, it's technically Thursday but I didn't post anything today. Oh, I failed at my goal to wake up earlier. Breakfast was on the run (ugh) so no pictures. I tried out an oatmeal, apple and raisin naked smoothie. Given to us to try by our lovely neighbor. She works for naked juice so we get to try out some awesome samples.
Another full day of work. Thankfully this one was much more productive and less busy. Whew!
Lunch was stir-fried veggies with leftover kabob chicken.
I threw on some quinoa (I know I know, again?!) and some hummus. The hummus was an excellent flavor addition I must say.
Oh yeah! and a grapefruit wedge. 1 hr lunch breaks just go so fast. It always seems like I end up eating way to fast. At least I'm close enough to go home for lunch though. That's nice. Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to my brother's house to help my sister-in-law Olivia get ready for my niece's 4th birthday party. She saw my strawberry cake pops and is excited to replicate them. Should be fun!
I got really ambitious this week and penciled in a 5:30 a.m. weight class at the gym tomorrow morning (technically this morning). Considering my late shift tomorrow night and the fact that it's already 12:30.. I'm going to guess that I won't be making it to that class. Maybe I'll try a 6:30 run instead. :)

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