Monday, August 20, 2012


I had another day at the spa! Don't get the wrong idea. This is not something I do on a regular or even yearly basis. However, Laura was in town and raring to use her gift cards so we all scheduled treatments. It was a spa-rvelous way to spend our Saturday. 

We tried to order lunch in for the day so that we wouldn't have to leave but they were all booked for lunch so we went out. The spa is nestled in a very large outdoor mall so we walked around the corner and had Corner Bakery for lunch. Of course we all way overdid it on food. Kim and I split a Chicken P..... something pasta dish 

 and this Grilled chicken panini that had... BASIL and tomatoes. :)
Both were excellent!

Then back to the spa we went. We enjoyed just about every amenity they offer. Spa, mist room, (no sauna or steam room for us), the relaxing room and the visiting room as well as an AMAZING shower. I wanted to stay in there forever! The conditioner they offered left a lot to be desired but that is a very inconsequential blemish on a wonderful day.

Those black doors may not look like much but they do something magical. They swallow reality as you enter them. Beyond those doors there's nothing to stress about or worry about. Unfortunately, reality doesn't fall into a black hole. It's waiting to hit you full in the face just as soon as you exit. ;)

It was a very successful girl's day. I can't wait to do it again. :) 

Tomorrow is Monday and I have to be at work again. Where do the weekends go?

I haven't packed lunch or planned breakfast for tomorrow so my meals are a mystery...

Have a great Monday!

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