Friday, June 15, 2012

Who are you reading?

Just a little bit more about who I am.
While I realize that the title of this blog is neither original nor highly creative, it is a somewhat accurate description of who I am. In 5th grade I was 4"7 and when I graduated college I was still... 4"7. Both my parents are quite short so I didn't have much of a chance in the height department. I am number six in a family of seven children. Yes... 7! While all my siblings are on the short side of the measuring stick, I have the grand privilege of being the shortest. (Yay me!) Even though short and sweet  are often paired, I felt that savory was a better description of my personality and my food preferences. It should also be noted that shortnsweet was already taken as a blog name :).  My 6 siblings have now resulted in 9 awesome nieces and nephews and some very beautiful sibling→parent transitions. While this is often chaos, and bedlam when we're all together, I love each and every one of them more that I can express.
My wonderful siblings who love to tease, have tapped me as the food drill sergeant in the family. While this is wildly untrue and inaccurate as a description, I will admit to the following attributes:
1. An immensely strong hatred of mayonnaise.
2. A love of fresh, savory, delicious ingredients (basil, arugula, hummus, quinoa, garlic, mozarella etc etc etc)
3.  Giving Dad the stink eye when he piles butter on his vegetables/bread, or my brother when he eats the entire T-bone steak.
4. Attempting to discretely take over the cooking when Mom starts to boil vegetables. (grill or steam!!!)
However, I am also one to make desserts or baked goods that are waaaay too high in fat and sugar for anyone's good (see my cake pops?), eat one too many pieces of a delicious pizza, and fill my plate fuller than one person my size ever should just because it all looks SO good! My point is, I'm not a food nazi as many in the nutrition field are believed to be. I can't tell you how many times I've told people at a party, potluck that I am in the nutrition field and the immediate response is one of two things:
1. Don't look at my plate!
2. So what would you suggest for _____ (fill in blank with some diagnosis, height/weight ratio, diet recommendation etc)
Ever done that? Don't lie! :) We all do it to everyone. Don't assume that I'm judging you, I'm probably envying what you have on your plate instead! It is usually the case that those in the nutrition field are not food snobs. Quite the contrary! We're usually foodies. In the future, if you forget why I may be posting an awful lot about food, you can come back to this post and remember why. =D Expect to hear about my students and my family as well. All of which are great blessings in my life.

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