Friday, August 31, 2012

Real Light, Real food.

Ah! I miss being able to prepare and eat food in the same hour. Real food! Real, fresh food!

The last couple of days I have desperately wanted to make a strawberry and parmesan salad but alas... no strawberries. Until today! Perfect timing for my day off. 

Notice the new bowl? I bought a set of 2 a while back but I haven't had the chance to use it until now. I normally don't go for bold prints, or prints at all for that matter but I felt like I needed to shake it up a bit.

The basil in the garden is going to seed so I picked some and added a few leaves to the salad. For the first time in my life, I was sorry I had added basil. Whaaaaat?! that's right, I think it just overpowered the other ingredients and that's not it's job. Live and learn!

I do wish the pattern on the bowl was on the outside too but it might be a little much if it was. It's so nice to eat lunch leisurely and be able to take better pictures with natural light again. 

I've been feeling crowded, unorganized and cluttered lately so it's been good to spend my day off doing some organizing and cleaning. I made calls I've been meaning to make for weeks, went through papers etc etc etc. It feels so nice to clean out, minimize and organize. 

The plan tonight is to go bowling with my friend Lisa, her guy, Alex and Roger. I always have fun bowling but I really stink at it. It's a good thing if you need humbling, which I always do :) 

Yesterday started out considerably better than the day before. I woke up on time AND got out of bed! I was let off the training leash at work which was scary but exciting. I realized how much I had learned this last week when I was left to do it on my own. 

I had planned to eat lunch at home but by 11 I was half starved. On Thursdays and Fridays they have excellent  soup in the cafeteria so I got Taco Soup thinking it would tide me over.
I was wrong... it filled me up and I was too full for lunch when I got home. At least it was good.
Since I was on office duty I run interference and back-up while tray line is going. Translation: I am extremely busy until the last tray is assembled. 

As a reward, one of the guys from the kitchen brought me sherbet! 

Working all weekend but I am going to lunch with Blake on Sunday so there is a silver lining. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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