Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A non-tropical heat wave

It has been so hot this week! it finally cooled down a little bit today. It was only in the high 90's. :) Thank goodness for air conditioned hospitals.

Yesterday, despite my exhaustion from work, I got home and ran off on a hike with the fam bam. It would be a really nice hike except there are trashy people who graffiti rocks and trees and dump their trash in the water. So frustrating and disgusting.

Kim took this picture and added the disclaimer that it was not indicative of our energy level or mood. :)

Cuties on a log.

Meanwhile these fine young gentlemen consult the logistics of rope swings. [Note the unsightly graffiti]

Today at work I was on my own for the first time! Exciting and a little nerve wracking. I had 12 patients for the day and saw them all on my own. Whoa! 
Our wonderful boss ordered us pizza for lunch. How sweet of her. (yes dietitians eat pizza too!)

Tomorrow, I'm training for the a.m. shift which means... it's way past my bedtime. Up at 3 tomorrow! At least I'll get a shaded parking spot. :) Gotta get some sleep. Goodnight!

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