Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So much to do!

It's so true that the busier you are the more you get done. Although I had a big list of stuff to do today I wasted so much time doing nothing! Where did the time go?

My brother brought lunch to the house today. I had a turkey & mortadella sandwich. I added an almond spread we bought at the farmer's market last weekend. It added a lot to the overall sandwich. Yum!

Fruit and some pop chips on the side

Tomorrow I'm heading up to my sister's again. This time for my niece's second birthday party. I did a lot of running around town looking for last minute things for the party and a few necessities for myself (like a new bamboo cutting board) =D I can't wait to share some of the things that my sister has put together for the party. It's going to be splendid!

I still have to pack, shower, clean this place up and be ready for my appointment at HR tomorrow morning. YIKES! what am I still doing at the computer? 

Have a good evening!

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