Monday, June 18, 2012

Girl's Night In

My mom and I had a pretty easy time for the rest of the day. We treated ourselves to mani-pedis and then I did some browsing through Cost Plus World Market. That is such a fun store to walk through. I picked up some charming sodas and sparkling juices that caught my fancy but I resisted the basil infused olive oil.

Since it has been such a nice day, Mom and I decided to finish off our girl's day with a lovely dinner outside. I can't take credit for this colorful plate. We stopped by our nearby Panera.

I ended up with a Poppy seed salad with strawberries, pineapple and manderin oranges on top of romaine. I normally don't go for pecans but these were just the perfect topping. I saved half of it for tomorrow before putting any dressing on it. To top it all off, a grilled Turkey panini with smoked cheddar, and sun-dried tomato mustard on focaccia. I added the nectarine which was another perfectly ripe fruit from the farmer's market.

With the warm summer weather I felt there was no better time to try out the first of my novelty juices.

We tried out this one. It definitely tasted like peach soda but it was a little two sweet for my liking. It was  nonetheless enjoyable. Mom and I split it so we had about 1/2 a serving of juice and I still felt like I could have had less. Just don't plan on drinking the whole bottle in one sitting if you don't want to feel insulin surging through you. :) Notice the 100% fruit juice? woohoo!
If today's weather and the day off was any indication of how I will be enjoying this summer... I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of it.
My sister and her family got here late tonight so baby girl was sound asleep. I can't wait to see her sweet face tomorrow morning. Speaking of which, morning is already here and I need sleep so that better be my next plan of action.
Goodnight to all!

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