Friday, June 22, 2012


Good morning!
It's been a while since I last posted but not to worry. There wasn't anything exciting to write about much less take pictures of. Just work and home. The food wasn't exciting either. You didn't miss much.
I am NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a morning person. As  a result, I skip breakfast more often than I don't and it's something I desperately need to work on. How can I ever justify counseling patients on healthy eating if I don't practice it myself?
So today I started out right.
Greek yogurt, sliced strawberries and a handful of kashi clusters.

I have to be honest, my meal list of late has been horrifyingly bad. I won't share the gory details but I've had my fill of fatty, salty foods this week. Time for a change. Of course it's always easier to eat right when you have the time. :)
My sister's stay was a night longer than originally planned but still so short. It's always hard to kiss that baby girl of hers goodbye. Before bedtime on Tuesday my brother and sister chased a June Bug down and shared it with Katelyn. Curiosity is such a cute expression on a little face.

Have a great afternoon!

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