Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bisque and Bruschetta

You'll have to excuse me for starting out by saying... I'm exhausted. Also, I have to be up at 2 am for work tomorrow but, I couldn't resist posting something quick since it's been a few days. We had a good day of rain which made the mountains gorgeous! I love having a nice view during my commute.

As is the case with most shots of landscapes, it just doesn't quite capture it. Either way, the rain washes away the smog, the mountains get capped with snow and then I enjoy the view.

My schedule has literally been all over the place this week. Later evening shifts, training at new hospitals and then super early shifts like today and tomorrow. In other words... my breakfasts have either been non-existent or very much on the go. On Monday though (my day off) I did manage to throw together a breakfast that I wasn't ashamed of. :)

Toast, fresh squeezed OJ, egg, blood orange and a few raspberries. I really like starting the day out like so. It is just really impossible when you leave the house at 3 or 4. 

I trained at a new hospital (the Heart and Surgical Hospital) on Wednesday. It is very different from the other two hospitals I normally work. There are only 20 rooms if I remember correctly and it's rare that there's more than 10-15 patients at any given time. In other words, I spent most of the day trying to find ways to entertain myself. The food and the menu in general is so much better than any of the other hospitals. I brought a salad from home for lunch but decided to try out the cafeteria too.

I ordered this Antipasta on fresh baked focaccia. (mushroom, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and other stuff I can't remember) It was very good but way too much food. Also, I don't really care for mushrooms no matter how you cook them or disguise them so I removed it and the sandwich got infinitely better. 

My lovely coworkers got me hooked on tea from the Boba house down the street from work and I indulge as often as I can justify it. Today was one of those times. So I stopped by after work and enjoyed my tea on the way home.

Instead of hitting the gym (or the pavement) after work like I fully intended to, I vegged out at home. I always regret when I do that and yet, I continue to do it. One day I will learn my lesson....

I was doing my best to resist the urge to take a nap so I grabbed my keys and headed to the library to visit my old stomping grounds. I lucked out and got to see all of the people I really cared to see and catch up with without encountering those that I preferred not to. :)

It was good to catch up a little bit.

My mom made butternut squash bisque for dinner which I missed because I was busy socializing with old coworkers. Of course there was bisque left but I had to enjoy it alone. 

I made a mock fake bruschetta to pair it with too.

like I said... fake bruschetta.

So, it was a busy day, I'm tired but I'm looking forward to this weekend. I like having plans to look forward to. Now, I'm overdue for sleep so if you'll excuse me... I must bid you all a good night!

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