Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life isn't a-Fair

I don't care to look back in time and see exactly how long it's been since I last posted anything. Longer than I care to admit. I feel like much time has passed and many things have happened since then. Here's a short list

1. Spent the day in La Jolla. 
2. Surprise visit from my sister. 
3. Trip to the county fair.
4. Working solo (no training)
5. Finished painting my desk.
etc. etc. etc....

I'm not going to overpower you with all of that in one post especially considering you've have a nice long break from me for a while. Since I've been working like crazy the last few weeks I'll just post about the fun stuff over the next few days week. 

My sister and I schemed for a little bit and picked the best weekend for her to make a trip to surprise my parents. Since I was working the weekend I had Friday off. (yay) We spent the day lounging around and when Katelyn got up from her nap, we headed out to the fair in the blazing heat, dressed as cool as we possibly could. 

Just after we arrived we were joined by my brother and his family. It's great to see all these young cousins interacting and having good fun together. 

 We got to meet Benjamin Franklin which was impressive to me because I always assumed he was long dead. We endured an awkward few moments when a woman whom I recognized as a frequent library patron verbally accosted him and couldn't seem to understand why this impostor was speaking of Mr. Franklin in the first person. :)

Two of our ministers came with us and they documented their celebrity citing too. 

Dad was more than impressed with this man's historical knowledge and accuracy. If he could have he probably would have stayed there all night. 

Late into the day I decided to start documenting all the weird food that fairs are famous for. I only got a few as it was getting late and we were getting ready to leave but trust me.... they were not lacking.


In addition, there were deep fried snickers bars, chocolate fries, Chocolate dipped bacon and the usual suspects, bloomin' onions, hot dog on a stick, massive turkey legs and anything you can dip in batter and fry (and even some things you wouldn't think you could fry... coke?!)

We enjoyed a western rodeo that was commentated by an older gentleman with comical enthusiasm. The kids seemed to enjoy it though. 

 Mom treated us to Gelato in waffle cones. It was good but the one I got had mango skins whipped into it which kind of defeats the effect of a smooth and creamy ice cream. 

Katelyn enjoyed hers in a cup until she decided our cones looked much more fun!

Laura and I splurged and split the $15 price tag for 2 pairs of sunglasses to replace the ones I gifted to the Pacific Ocean. (more on that story when the La Jolla post comes around)

Joe and Blake joined us later and took turns using up funzone tickets with Katelyn. Joe won her a stuffed bear and Blake took her on the Merry-go-Round or as Katelyn calls it "horsies go round'n'round"!


 Petting baby lambs (that I cut out of the frame for some reason)

 Games that cost a fortune
and very tired kids and adults with sore feet. It had all the makings of a respectable day at the fair.

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