Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Once again it has been way too long since my last post. I spent nearly a week at my sister's, enjoying every minute of it. They were very busy days though. We were in full party planning mode. The birthday party turned out splendidly thanks to the helping hands of many.

We did take one afternoon to take a walk to McDonalds or "donalds" as an adorable little girl I love calls it.

We kept a running list of to-do's each night so I often forgot to take pictures of the prep work but here's some documentation:

 Of course the guys were in charge of birthday present assembly :)

 Kim and I made a disaster putting together some awesome goodie bags for the kids at the party. At the last minute we even decided to sew the actual bags. Yikes! They turned out great though. 

 Colors, colors everywhere! The party theme was primary and secondary colors. Laura made this ADORABLE skirt for the birthday girl. It turned out great! We found the pattern here.

We made this crazy bright, clear slime that I found on pinterest. I wasn't completely happy with the way it turned out but it worked out great to add to our goodie bags. (Sorry no pics again!)

Now, here's some colorful representation of a fun birthday celebration.

Yummy tacos with homemade beans, carne asada, carnitas, guacamole and queso fresco.

 A gorgeous and very colorful fruit salad on the side!

 Laura did an excellent job on that cake. It was so cute and yummy too! Katelyn had no problem blowing out the candle! She knew just what to do and when to do it. :)

 I feel like it's already been weeks since I left there but it's barely been 24 hours. =/ I was supposed to start at Loma Linda yesterday but there was a slight change in schedule so instead, I went to new hire orientation this morning. It was literally an ALL day event. Considering the late hour I got home and the long nights of the last week, it was extremely difficult to keep my eyes open at times. 

The room was quite cold so I had the pleasure of taking a walk on our break times and enjoying this view. 

  It really is a beautiful campus nestled in an unexpected place. 

I think I'm headed to bed early tonight. My eyes are ever so tired and achy. 

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  1. You've been missed! Glad your back and that you had a nice time. :)


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