Thursday, November 22, 2012

266 Turkey Dinners

Well, here I am back on the mainland. I had a wonderful, amazing, relaxing, trip which I will tell you about in little bits. But, today is Thanksgiving so I'll tell you about my holiday. I spent the holiday in a manner that I have never done before... I worked. Fun stuff eh?

The hospital had a special menu for the patients today. Everyone who wasn't on an extremely restricted diet got to have a turkey dinner with stuffing, cranberry jello, whipped sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. They also had individual bottles of Martinelli's sparkling apple cider :).

It was quiet in the office today so we had a pretty kick back day for the most part. The cafeteria had a free thanksgiving meal for all the employees on shift for the holiday. It turns out, the cafeteria can put on a pretty good spread.

I avoided the "furkey" (fake turkey) loaf at all costs.
I couldn't finish all of that but I found some room for Pumpkin Pie... which I also didn't finish.

I confiscated one of the Martinelli's bottles and my coworker Renald and I celebrated our quiet Thanksgiving by toasting the holiday with plastic bowls of apple cider. 

Considering the fact that I was very sad to be missing a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family, I think I made the most of what I was dealt for the day. Renald and I made do and made our own fun :) Including... scoping out the Black Friday deals.

(I snuck this picture) :)

I hope you all had great holidays and got to spend it with family/friends, or both. Now that Turkey Day is over, there's no holding back the floodgates of Christmas music, decorations, crowded stores and disgruntled/frustrated shoppers.

To those of you waiting outside some store or another... Ummm good luck?


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